Privacy Policy

The purpose of our Privacy Policy is to inform the customer how we handle and manage their private information. If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us by email and we will respond you as soon as possible.

1. All transactions, personal details and credit card details are secured and encrypted via up to date technologies that are amongst the most advanced in the field of information security. The security of the site payment system has been tested and approved by the Solidpayments Company, Paypal and the credit card companies and the actual payment is mediated through them.

2. The site management is obligated to make no use of the details of the applicants registered on the site, save for the operation of the site, and in order to enable provision of due services.

3. The site respects the privacy of the users and holds the safeguarding of their privacy as a value of the highest possible priority.

4. The site owner does not undertake any obligation to maintain a backup of the entirety of the data stored on the site.

5. The site owner uses such means as are held necessary to safeguard the confidentiality of the data stored on the site and the privacy of the site's users.

6. The site owner utilizes existing technologies to ensure the safety of transactions performed via the site. Nonetheless, the possibility that these technologies do not provide hermetically sealed security cannot be ruled out.

7. does not offer any newsletter or any other type of marketing.

8. All the information gathered by from users of the websited used solely to provide the client's visa application service. Cleints information not used for marketing, distribution or any other purpose.

9. After the completion of providing service associated with visa apply of the customer all the personal information being erased.

Additional information about privacy and general conditions you can find in our Terms and Conditions section.

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