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Site statute

1. The site VISANOW.co.il (Hereinafter: "the site") offers consultancy and services related to the procedure of acquiring a Visa for the United States. The payment is for consultancy, preparing the forms, translation, setting up an appointment at the United States Embassy and tutoring until the day of the meeting. 

2. The payment for our services will be presented in your credit card statement as "ALW*visanow.co.il" - For billing questions please call Allied Wallet at +44 203 318 8334 or to our office +972 2 5666504

3. The site is owned and operated by World Wide Immigration Solutions ltd. registered in Commonwealth of Dominica N 18929. 

4. The conditions of this Statute apply to all site pages and form an agreement between the site owner and its users.

5. You are requested not to make any use of the site in the event that even a single condition in this statute are not acceptable to you.

6. Customers of the site are required to periodically check their mailbox and be available on phone for the entire duration of service. 

7. Use of the site is at the sole responsibility of the user.

8. The site, its content, or its publications may not be used for any type of advertisement without the prior written and explicit approval of the site owner.

9. The user shall compensate the site owner for any expense, damage, or losses imposed on him, including legal expenses, deriving from the violation of the ordinances of this statute and/ or any action and/ or omission on the side of the user.

10. Copyright and other intellectual property rights on this site are protected by, among other laws, by the 2007 copyright law. No use that is not self-use may be made of this content without receiving the explicit and written permission of the site owner.

11. The site owner may cease the operation of the site, in whole or in part for the purpose of updating it, upgrading it or maintaining it.

12. The site owner shall endeavor, to the very best of his ability, to fix and repair any problems as quickly as possible.

13. The site owner is entitled, from time to time, to update the prices charged for the services provided by the site.

14. The site is obligated to complete the preparation of the DS 160 form and the scheduling of the interview within 24 hours of the moment the site customer fulfills the following conditions:
a. Completes filling out the personal details form.
b. Has returned it to the site or the service representative.
c. Has sent to the site of photocopy of his passport and, if necessary, his old Visa to the United States as well.
d. Has paid the service fee. 
e. Has, in addition, paid the toll for the United States Visa to the sum of 160 U.S dollars or the equivalent sum in NIS according to the updated rate determined by the United States embassy in Israel- 624 NIS as of the time of this Statute's last update. 
These conditions shall all apply unless otherwise settled between the customer and the service representative.


15. Additional services whose prices are not marked on the site such as enabling an earlier scheduling of the interview at the embassy are priced separately and the exact price shall be provided by the site representative on phone. Please note that these services involve an additional fee independent of the regular fees for handling the visa approval process.


16. A cancellation of the appointment or a change to the scheduling of the appointment must be announced with a minimum of a five-day notice prior to the scheduled interview date. The first postponement of the interview date is included in the regular handling fee. However, any subsequent postponement of the scheduled interview date shall incur an additional charge of no more than 60 NIS. The new interview date shall be set in accordance to the schedule of the United States Embassy and shall take into account the schedule of the requester. The interview at the embassy may be postponed for up to 90 days from initial date at which the service has begun to be provided.


17. Without detracting from the aforementioned, once the service provision has commenced, the customer is obligated to fully cooperate with the service provider and complete the handing in of details and the resolution of the payment of the Visa toll no later than 90 days from the date in which the provision of services has begun. In the event that the client has not completed the process within 90 days he shall incur a fine to the sum of 100 NIS which he must resolve in order to complete the Visa application process with Visanow.


18. Without detracting from the aforementioned, setting up the interview at the United States Embassy may be done up to 10 months following the payment of the Visa toll.


19. Should a customer have an interview scheduled at the embassy for which he failed to arrive for whatever reason (even in the event of a medical emergency) shall incur a debit of 100 NIS in order to reschedule an interview and re-resolve matters versus the United States Embassy. The same debit shall apply should he arrive at the embassy at the scheduled date and time, but lacking the requisite obligatory documents, should he therefore be denied entrance to the embassy or else not permitted to enter the interview for whatever reason. The customer should take into consideration the fact that the decision whether to enable the customer to reschedule another appointment is entirely up to the United States Embassy staff. VisaNow cannot commit to the response of the United States Embassy but shall collect the professional fee service for attempting to reschedule the interview regardless of the response of the United States Embassy.


20. A client who has requested to pay the visa toll via the Postal Bank stub shall not be required to pay any additional service charge for the first stub, as it is included in the service charge. The stub must be paid via mail subject to the validity date written on the stub- usually a validity of 3-4 days applies. An applicant who has failed to pay the stub issued to him in the framework of the procedure will be charged an additional 60 NIS for every additional stub he requires.


21. The customer is fully responsible for equipping himself with all relevant interview documents for which he shall receive both telephone guidance and an exhaustive and detailed explanation via the Email he shall receive following the scheduling of the interview at the embassy versus the service representatives of VisaNow.


22. In accordance with the customer protection law of 1981, the client may void the transaction, in writing, within 14 days of performing the transaction or within receiving the invoice/ discover document at latest, provided that the aforementioned cancellation be done at least two days that are not days or rest or holidays prior to the time in which the service is due. At the time of cancellation the business may charge the customer with cancellation fees amounting to 5% of the sum of the transaction or 100 NIS, whichever is the lower of the two.

Nonetheless, the VisaNow company shall neither charge the customer nor collect any payment from him until such time as it receives the requisite forms which are the personal details form or else the filling out of the form versus the representative by phone, the photocopy of the passport and should it prove necessary, the prior United States Visa. Given the nature of the transaction, at such time as the documents are transferred the service immediately comes into effect and the transaction can no longer be cancelled once the customer transfers the aforementioned documents to the company. In the event that the transaction is cancelled due to incompatibility or due to non-delivery of the service at the determined date, or any other breach of contract, no cancellation fee shall be collected. Furthermore, the customer's money shall be returned to him within 14 days of the reception of the cancellation order (subject to the agreement of the Credit Card Companies).


23. Any request for cancellation of the transaction must be sent via Fax to the number: 077-5558627. It is mandatory to note your full name, the date, your ID number and furthermore, add your signature to the request. The service cancellation request must be clearly stated. The company representatives shall contact the applicant requesting a cancellation within three business days to resolve the matter. Once the Fax is sent, its reception must be ensured by phone (1700-720002).

24. Tolls paid to the United States Embassy are not refundable. The United States Embassy has clearly stated that should the Visa request be declined, rejected or otherwise not accepted, the toll fee will not be returned to the visa applicant.

25. The service of the VisaNow Company ends at the moment that the customer reaches the United States Embassy for the purpose of undergoing the interview. Our company is not responsible for any decisions that might be made by the embassy and nor is it responsible for returning passports to customers. Return of Passports is carried out by courier service of the Israel postal service operating in coordination with the American embassy.

26. In order to remove all doubt it is hereby clarified that the site is does not operate with any type of coordination or collaboration with the United States embassy or any other official or state agency.

27. The site owner and/ or his representatives do not gurantee the reception of a United States entry Visa and bear no liability for the application being successful or for the Visa being granted. Furthermore, should the customer not receive a visa, the customer is not eligible for any refund of any kind from the site owner and/ or his representatives.

28. The VISANOW site attributes great importance to the quality of service it provides. Should you desire to make any inquiry regarding this statute or regarding the service provided on this site you are invited to write to us at usa@visanow.co.il and we promise to reply to you promptly.

29. All transactions, personal details and credit card details are secured and encrypted via up to date technologies that are amongst the most advanced in the field of information security. The security of the site payment system has been tested and approved by the Solidpayments Company, Paypal and the credit card companies and the actual payment is mediated through them.

30. The site management is obligated to make no use of the details of the applicants registered on the site, save for the operation of the site, and in order to enable provision of due services. 

31. All details provided during service must be true and accurate. The site management maintains that it is entitled to initiate legal proceedings, civil or criminal, against an applicant who provided false and/ or mistaken details that disturbed the visa application process, the payment of tolls or the payment of service fees. Providing such false details is a criminal offense.

32. The site respects the privacy of the users and holds the safeguarding of their privacy as a value of the highest possible priority.

33. The site owner does not undertake any obligation to maintain a backup of the entirety of the data stored on the site.

34. The site owner uses such means as are held necessary to safeguard the confidentiality of the data stored on the site and the privacy of the site's users.

35. The site owner utilizes existing technologies to ensure the safety of transactions performed via the site. Nonetheless, the possibility that these technologies do not provide hermetically sealed security cannot be ruled out

36. The site owner shall do his utmost to handle any request by the visa applicants and site users promptly but does not commit to either responding within a particular time frame or acting in accordance to the requester's demand.

37. The site owner may, at his sole discretion and at any given time, transfer and/ or copy the site in whole and/ or in part to any other address and/ or change the name of the site, its design or its structure.

38. No commercial use of any kind whatsoever may be made of any portion of the content appearing on the site. No use may be made of the contents, site design, graphics, photos or drawings appearing on the site. All copyrights are guarded. The contents included in the site may be used for personal and private purposes only. Furthermore, advertising or distributing the contents of the site in any given location is forbidden absent the explicit and written approval of the site owner.

39. Use of the site is limited to age 18 and above and the user must be legally competent to enter into a contract with the site owners in this agreement.

40. Any individual who wishes to make use of the services that the site has to offer is requested to carefully peruse the conditions of the statute and act according to its contents. It is strongly advised to occasionally examine the contents of this statute in order to update oneselfwith the changes that occur in it from time to time. The site maintains that it is entitled to change and/ or update the instructions in this statute without providing any early notifications and/ or warnings regarding the changes.

41. The site owners may transfer ownership of the site and/ or the right to operate it in full and/ or in part to any other entity it deems fit.

42. All instructions in this statute addressed in the singular form refer to plural individuals or groups as well unless a different meaning is implicit from the context. Every instruction addressed in the male form refers to females in the exact same way.

43. The user hereby consents that the statute of limitations regarding any claim and/ or demand against the VisaNow site and/or its owners shall be limited to a period of 6 months and the parties view this as an agreement in regards to the statute of limitations as defined in thestatute of limitations law of 1958.



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