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Visa for business and tourist travelers - B1-B2

Visa for business and tourist travels B-1/B-2 is intended for temporary stay in the USA for business purposes (B-1) or tourism, or for receiving medical care (B-2). In most cases, B1 and B2 categories are combined, and applicant gets a visa B-1/B-2.


This type of visa is the most popular. More than 90% of Israelis are applying to receive precisely this visa. 
These types of Visa allow to entry to the USA for the following purposes:
- tourism, visiting relatives or friends. 
- health care, learning on short courses, visits to scientific, educational, professional or business events and conferences. 
- decision of property and legal matters.
- consultation and participation in business negotiations with the purpose of signing the agreement or to find business partners.
As well as participating in various non-commercial events (interest groups, social, charitable and other similar projects).


Israeli citizens with an additional citizenship of one of the countries that have a visa-free regime with the USA (visa waiver program) - are exempt from the necessity to apply for a visa, provided that their travel purpose is coincides with one of the above conditions. In this case, their stay in the United States cannot exceed 90 days.
In order to enable visa-free travel program, you must to register oneself and to file a corresponding request. If such request is declined for any reason, the applicant would be deprived of the opportunity to apply reconsideration request for a ordinary tourist visa (B1-B2).
USA tourist visa does not allow to its holder the following activities:
academic degree study, work, paid public performances, journalistic activities, permanent residence in the USA.



Application procedure:


1. Fill out an official application for a visa.

2. Pay the consular fee.
3. Sign up forinterview with an employee of the consulate or embassy.
4. Pass the interview.
5. Receiving a foreign passport and visa.
* Passage of interview in the embassy is obligatory for all persons aged 14 to 80 years.
We provide full application procedure assistance for all our clients.


Sign up for interview:


The interview takes place at the USA Embassy in Tel Avivor or in the consulate in Jerusalem, according to the desire of the applicant.
Most citizens are interviewed at the Embassy in Tel Aviv.
Persons living in the Jerusalem area, Yehuda and Shomron, and to the west of the "green line" - are interviewed in the consulate in Jerusalem.
For the passage of the visa interview it is preliminary necessary to pay the consular fee in the sum of 160$ (USA), which is approximately 600 shekels.
The sum of consular fees paid in shekels, pegged to the U.S. dollar, and may change slightly, depending on the official exchange rate.
The applicant may itself at its own discretion to choose the day and time of the interview, according to a work hours of consulate or embassy.
During holidays and in summer - time of waiting for interview can be up to one and a half months. Therefore, convincingly recommended to apply for a visa in advance.



The interview process:


During a visit to the consulate or embassy, the applicant passes a series of tests related to security, including such as fingerprinting. After confirmation that he has all the required documents, he is refers to one of the officers for an interview.
The interview is usually performed in Hebrew, but in some cases, during a large flow of visitors, can be performed in English, when no free officer speaking in Hebrew. 
It is recommended to ask for assistance of an interpreter if you have difficulty with understanding the questions or officer, conducting the interview,cannot understand your answers.
Interview questions mainly concern the nature of your work, military service, plans for the future, purpose of the visit and how you plan it.
In case of successful passage of the interview, they report to you about it in place, and officer, who conducted the interview, leaves your passport at his office. Within 4-5 days, a passport will be returned to you by courier at no extra cost. In case of a negative response, the passport is returned to its owner on the spot. 
There is a fairly wide range of reasons for which they may refuse to issue a visa. You cannot appeal the decision of the official who conducted the interview with you. However, you can start a visa application re-process by filing new appeal, in accordance with the existing procedure. Re-appeal period is not restricted by time limits.



Additional details:


During an interview with a representative of the Embassy the applicant must prove conclusively that he really intends to go back to Israel, and that he has at its disposal sufficient cash for all period of the trip to the USA.
This information shall be confirmed by relevant documents. There is a mandatory standard set of documents that you must provide during the interview. In addition, the applicant may, at his discretion, to provide any documents containing additional information which can, according to his opinion, significantly affect a positive solution to his issue.



Important information!

Applicants with a technical education or academic degree should present documents confirming their education, as well as the scope of their research. 
It relates to persons serving under contract in the IDF or Police, as well as those conducting academic research in the fields of physics, chemistry, mathematics and other scientific fields. 
Also all who are employed in high-tech industry, such as electronic data safety, hardware and software for satellite communications, polymers and other high-tech areas of production - it is strongly recommended, in preparing for the interview, to collect all the relevant documents confirming their involvement in similar kind of activity.
In some cases, the visa can be issued for a short time - one or two years.


Please note!


Terms for consideration of applications of candidates employed in the above industries can be significantly longer than usual. Therefore, to such persons we strongly recommend to take measures for visa in advance.





A tourist visa is usually issued for 10 years. At the same time, a stay in the country is limited to 6 months for one trip.

These limitations are valid by default, if something else not specified in your visa, or if with your entry into the USA the immigration officer will not accept additional decisions limiting the duration of your stay in the country.
In addition, you can extend your stay in the country over the permitted terms specified in your visa by the timely filing of the corresponding application,assuming that you have a reasonable basis for such application.
Also, subject to the necessary conditions, you can, if it necessary, to change the status of your tourist visa to any other.


Ways to apply for a tourist visa can significantly vary in each particular case, so at the time of application it is recommended to have recourse to specialists with many years of professional experience in this area.


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By resorting to services of our company, you will be exempted from burdensome duties of filling various forms, and fully equipped with reliable information allows to avoid mistakes and problems that may negatively effect on positive decision for your issue.
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